We have a wide variety of quality pastry products made with only the BEST ingredients available.
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Mantecaditos in a Plastic Tub

Our signature Mantecaditos packed in a round plastic tub. Two sizes available: Small, about 50pcs an..


Chocolate Fudge Brownies in a bag



Cookies and Cream Merengues in a bag

HAND MADE Merengues with tiny bits of chocolate. Packed 18 pieces in our signature cellophane bag. W..

Mantecaditos in a bag New

Mantecaditos in a bag

Mantecaditos This is similar to a short bread cookie but BETTER. They are packed 20 pieces in our si..

Merengues in a bag New

Merengues in a bag

Merengue: Low Calorie, Fat Free, HAND MADE!! It is made with FRESH egg whites and white sugar. Once ..

Mini Merenguitos in a bag New

Mini Merenguitos in a bag

The same HAND MADE Signature Meringue we are famous for but mini size. You may choose colors or buy ..

Panetela de Guayaba in a bag New

Panetela de Guayaba in a bag

Panetela de Guayaba Our BEST SELLING PRODUCT. It is a 100% butter cake filled with Guava and cut in ..


Panetela de Pistacho

NEW!! Panetela de Pistacho, a Butter and Pistacho Cake filled with Cream Cheese and Pistacho flavor,..